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Assembly For Malware Reverse Engineers

  • Delivery Method: In-Person
  • Do you analyze malware in a sandbox but get lost when there are limited results and you need to read the assembly to know why? If you want to dig into the malicious assembly code but don’t know how to start, this class is for you.

AFMRE Bonus Capstone Labs

  • Delivery Method: On-Demand
  • This is a direct follow-on to the Assembly For Malware Reverse Engineers course. If you took that class and loved the capstone lab, we created several additional scenarios to work through and further develop your assembly skills.

A Crash Course In Deep Dive Malware Analysis

  • Delivery Method: In-Person / On-Demand
  • Deep dive malware analysis is an advanced approach focusing on reading the assembly code to understand the capabilities.  Most of your time will be spent statically analyzing code, but you will still use a debugger in a targeted manner to examine memory.  Using static analysis means you’re not limited to what functions are exercised dynamically, and the debugger allows you to quickly view details that aren’t readily apparent statically.  This lab based workshop will walk you through the analysis of a malicious RAT using the deep dive methodology.

Advanced Malware Unpacking

  • Delivery Method: In-Person
  • There are many tricks for unpacking malware to find OEP, but what happens when they don’t work?  Do you just give up and let the malware win, or do you dive into the unpacking process to find out why the tricks failed.  This lab intensive workshop goes beyond the tricks and uses numerous examples to teach the anatomy of a packer and how to manually walk through the unpacking process to positively identify OEP, everytime.