What We Do

AGDC Services is a boutique computer security firm which offers malware analysis products and advanced training on reverse engineering.

Our malware analysis products specialize in the complex. We perform a complete, deep dive analysis which reports all major capability of the malware so the full impact of the infection can be understood and remediated. Our goal isn’t speed, but thoroughness and accuracy.

Malware Reverse Engineering training can be tailored to fit your needs, but is often focused on advanced, niche topics not covered by other commercially available training. Our training is goal orientated with a heavy focus on labs. Theory is not the point of our training. Theory is a tool to understand how to accomplish a goal and not the goal in of itself. You should come away from our training with a confidence that you can immediately apply the skills you learned.

AGDC Services goal is to improve the defensive posture of businesses by both providing malware analysis reports and by training network defenders in the art of malware analysis.